Start and stop

To start an activity, go to the Activities tab and touch an activity icon, which will start the timer. When the activity is finished, touch the stop or pause button.


View history

The history tab displays your past time entries in the form of a list, a calendar and a pie chart. To switch between list, calendar, pie chart views, and to navigate between different date ranges, touch the navigation bar.


Edit activities

If you forget to pause or to stop an activity, you can create a new activity time record or edit an existing activity time record. Touch the appropriate activity time record interval in the History tab to edit an activity time record interval OR press '+' in the Activities/History tab to create new activity time record interval. You can also remove a logged activity time record interval by touching the Delete button.


Activity types

The application has a list of predefined activity types (or categories). You are not limited to these activities. You can create new activities, edit/delete existing activities and group existing activities. Press '+' on the Types tab to create a new activity and touch an existing activity type to edit or delete this activity.

Activity types

Edit type


Logging your time for an activity may not in itself be valuable to you unless there is a way to improve your performance of the activity. That is where goals can help. Goals allow you to set your own limits or reach different metrics (occurrence, duration, etc.) for a selected date range. For example:


If you touch goal, its statistics are displayed

Goal Details

Press '+' on the Goals tab to create a new goal

Edit goal


You can generate a report and then export it to a CSV or HTML file.

Go to the Reports screen in the More tab, select one of the predefined reports or touch Custom to set your own customized parameters.


Select report params

To switch between different views, touch the top navigation bar and a menu will appear. To export a report to a CSV or HTML file, touch the Export button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Report menu

Report daily